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The Fifth Column
198 w/ Nancy Rommelmann "There's a Riot Goin' On"

198 w/ Nancy Rommelmann "There's a Riot Goin' On"

Guest: Nancy Rommelmann, journalist and author of To the Bridge: A True Story of Motherhood and Murder

Nancy Rommelmann, friend of the Fifth and former resident of Portland, Amerikkka, returns from the ramparts of the revolution with news, anecdotes, and a glimpse at our glorious future. Alis volat propriis. So we asked our very own Lady John Reed just what the hell is happening in the insurrectionist precincts of the Pacific Northwest...

  • Nancy doesn't recognize parts of Portland

  • What everyone is getting wrong about the protests/riots/federal intervention

  • Wait, where is the Portland PD?

  • Shares in a homemade body armor business are trading higher today...

  • Why you're not hearing that amazing, hilarious, enlightening conversation we had about the secret app

  • (It's because the SD card ran out of space and no one noticed...)

  • We return after our tech screw up--much, much drunker--to talk history vs. journalism

  • No one arguing about colonial history knows anything about colonial history

  • It sort of falls apart around this point...

  • And by the way: stop telling us what we should care about

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The Fifth Column (A Podcast)
The Fifth Column
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