The Fifth Column (A Podcast)
The Fifth Column
214 - w/Ben Dreyfuss "Another Dreyfuss Affair"

214 - w/Ben Dreyfuss "Another Dreyfuss Affair"

Look, you asked for it. Fifth fan favorite (ed - we really don't understand you people) and Mother Jones editorial director Ben Dreyfuss (né Gould) is back. And the results are wonderfully shambolic. But seriously: make sure the kids are in bed before press play....

  • Ben is "on leave" from Mother Jones

  • Why Ben's editor blocked him on Twitter (and you should too)

  • No ice in Hawaii, no avocados in Wisconsin

  • The worst movie Ben's dad ever made (Or was it the best?)

  • Why everyone in DC hates Facebook

  • Why people read dumb articles on Facebook

  • Ben starts a Substack. Obviously.

  • What Ben learned about Donald Trump in the suicide ward

  • Manipulating people on the internet

  • And so much more...

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The Fifth Column (A Podcast)
The Fifth Column
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