The Fifth Column (A Podcast)
The Fifth Column
320 w/ Harry Siegel - "Bonfire of Insanity, The Unmaking of a Mayor, CRT IRL"

320 w/ Harry Siegel - "Bonfire of Insanity, The Unmaking of a Mayor, CRT IRL"

New York Daily News columnist Harry Siegel joins TFC for the first hour to talk all things New York (with a focus on halfwit mayoral candidates jockeying to replace a halfwit mayor). But if you don't care about kvetching, NYCentric coastal elites, the back half of the show is, as usual, about how coastal elites are dumb, joyless, and boring. Something for everyone.

- New York is back? Harry is back to tell us it never went away

- Harry would rather be an effete, elitist jerk wearing his mask too long, thank you very much

- The New York City mayoral race tells us nothing about America

- The weirdness of Eric Adams

- Check the crime, y'all

- "Desegregating" NYC schools

Harry Siegel Postgame

- The increasingly annoying CRT debate

- Defining truth in an era of lies

- Pointless: the Joe and Vlad summit

- More cyber war hawkishness from Moynihan (obviously)

- The lessons we never learn from 9/11

- The dangers of political violence--and of opposing (certain) political violence

- You're wrong about Jeff Bezos's taxes

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The Fifth Column (A Podcast)
The Fifth Column
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