The Fifth Column (A Podcast)
The Fifth Column
357 - w/ Lara Bazelon “This Podcast is Violence”

357 - w/ Lara Bazelon “This Podcast is Violence”


Another two-parter: the first half with our new favorite lefty Lara Bazelon, professor at the University of San Francisco School of Law, journalist, feminist, novelist, controversialist. After Lara leaves, probably to free someone from prison, the lads take the second half of the show to catch up on the stupid and depressing news of the week.

- Baaaa-zelon
- Broken clock: Lara thinks Betsy DeVos had a point…
- The lefty case for free speech and due process on campus
- Lara’s Atlantic piece on how the ACLU lost its way 
- From Skokie to the lady from Aquaman
- The social justice cafeteria
- The ACLU’s face of gender violence is a rich actress who probably beat up her husband
- Like this podcast, courtrooms are rhetorically “violent.” Get used to it.
- That Laura Kipnis book
- That sold out live show in NYC next week (with special guest hints)
- The Dems failed borsh bill
- Cooling inflation that is still really hot and “barreling ahead”
- The failure of Trump’s trade policy
- The anti-commie case against Ron DeSantis’s performative anti-communism 
- And so much more!
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The Fifth Column (A Podcast)
The Fifth Column
Your weekly rhetorical assault on the on the news cycle, the people who make it, and occasionally ourselves. Kmele Foster (Freethink), Michael Moynihan (Vice), and Matt Welch (Reason) talk and laugh and drink their way to at least quasi-sanity in a world gone mad, often with the aid of clean and articulate guests. Weekly Members Only subscription edition often comes with listener mail and professional-quality (if inappropriate) singing. Analysis. Commentary. Sedition.