The Fifth Column (A Podcast)
The Fifth Column
377 "Racist LA, Racist Brooklyn, Deplorable America"

377 "Racist LA, Racist Brooklyn, Deplorable America"


The lads are all around the same table in New York City! And LA Times journalist Gustavo Arellano calls in at the top of the show to explain why the President is calling on four local politicians in L.A. to resign.

  • Gustavo explains Spanish racial slurs

  • Gustavo explains the racism of the LA City Council

  • This is the logical endpoint for dumb identity politics

  • We obsess over the race stuff at the expense of the naked corruption

  • Punching dogs for social justice

  • Matt is a cop-adjacent apologist

  • Berlin is bad, but not is bad as it was in 1945

  • A revolution with no solutions

  • What the WaPo forgot to tell you

  • Like almost everyone else in American politics, Hershel Walker believes in nothing

  • Dear lord does Matt hate Margaret Sullivan’s book

  • Adjectiving your way out of trouble

  • The U.N. slaps down the Kremlin

  • Reporting on Fetterman’s stroke is violence

  • Also: subscribe to the Substack, you freeloader….

The Fifth Column (A Podcast)
The Fifth Column
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