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#462 - SCOTUS Interruptus (w/ Damon Root)

#462 - SCOTUS Interruptus (w/ Damon Root)

The US Supreme Court wraps its term, and Damon Root returns to the podcast for a mostly coherent retrospective on various things SCOTUS-related.

It’s an Independence Day Miracle (if a few days delinquent). As another US Supreme Court term draws to a close, we tap in with our favorite SCOTUS obsessive, Damon Root (currently Freethink/Big Think, previous Reason, and author of books you really should buy).

Books You Should BuyBooks You Should Buy
Buy the set. Not any cheaper, still totally worth it. - Kmele

We discuss. Presidential absolute immunity, Chevron deference, the pitiful state of SCOTUS journalism, and the obviously-super-serious effort in the US Congress to impeach/pack/scorn the highest court in the land on account of its *various crimes against democracy* (or something like that).

ALSO: Frederick Douglass's on Independence Day… and Juneteenth?!

“With flowing ROBES, grace, bald, striking.”

- (Caddyshack - 1980)

Show Notes:

  • Supreme Court and Presidential Powers

  • Chevron Deference, Executive Authority, and Legislative Inaction

  • Checks. Balances.

  • Judicial Perspectives on Recent Cases

  • Social Media and the First Amendment

  • Supreme Court's Conservative Majority

  • Frederick Douglass and American Ideals

  • Channeling Frederick Douglass (for Juneteenth)

Recorded: June 3rd 2024
Published: June 7th 2024

The Fifth Column (A Podcast)
The Fifth Column
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